November 5

How I get to school!

Hey guys (and girls),  I go to school (WOAH), so there has to be a way that I get to school. Yeah I know school can’t be the most exciting thing in the world but in Australia it’s compulsory (So no dropping out at age 15 to realise school was a good idea!).

I get to school by train, here’s the long explanation…. I walk to the train station which is 10 minutes away then I get on the train with my friend. Then we have to change trains at the next station, get on another train and after get to the station 5 minutes away from school and then we walk to school. Few… that’s a lot of steps….

I’m curious how do you get to school, whether it’s by bus or train or whatever. I want to know! Comment what you do! (If you get a bus or train don’t comment the stop/station!!)

That’s all for now! Bianca!

October 30

We’re finally finished the Exhibition!

Hey guys (and girls), if you don’t know I have been doing the exhibition which is a unit where we research something to do with a theme, this years was sharing the planet. There were many different topic I could choose ranging from war to the Australian government. I chose psychology, to be more precise mental illness. There were two psychology groups which means the tiniest bit of rivalry was happening. I was in a group with Trinity and Jaimee who I didn’t know to begin with but now I think we’re great friends. I really enjoyed the showcase because we got to show the school (and the parents) what we have learnt and I loved answering questions! What I would of done differently would be getting our lines of inquiry finished in the first term and not having as much of a rivalry with the other group. Overall I loved the experience and would love to do it again but on a different topic to learn more on these important topics.

That’s all for now! Bianca

October 12

Year 7 Orientation

Hey guys (and girls). If you don’t know I’m in Year 6, the last year of primary school. So that means I have to go to high school next year, I’ve already chosen my high school way before this term.

On the ninth and the tenth of October I had Year 7 orientation and this was our schedule; we arrived on the Monday at 8:40 and we had to get name tags, I was part of the orange group (this will be important soon so remember that). We met some of the teachers then started the alwell testing, first we did problem solving then reading comprehension, after comprehension we had a spelling test which only lasted for 12 minutes so it scared me (I might of rushed it a bit though). We then had recess, it was muffins and poppers. After recess we were back to tests we had maths then writing, no more after that. We had lunch which was pies and sausage rolls (It was yummy). Remember when I said I was in the orange group well this is when it’s important. We (orange group) started some activities, we started with sport then went to art (I really like art) then we when home (Few). It was a big day.

The next day we started with a talk with some current Year 7’s then we went into science. After science I kinda got lost and missed our library talk (I wonder what I missed at that library talk…). Anyway then we had recess which was watermelon and muffins, after recess we went to food tech (which means even more food!). At food tech we made bliss balls, but I didn’t like them so I gave them to My mum and grandma at lunch. After food tech we went to the JYA to be talked to by the head of sport, head of music, and head of physical education (I think that’s what the roles called) after that we had lunch which was a sausage sizzle, then we had drama (I also really like drama), after drama we had time to ask questions and then played a stand up sit down game. After all that we went home. Those two days made me really tired.

That’s all for now! Bianca!

August 7


Hey guys (and girls), this term I am competing in the NCSS challenge on Grok. I am doing the Beginner code which is writing in Python. Each challenge comes out on a Monday, we have a class lesson on Tuesday and I go to the library and finish it on Tuesday afternoon, so I have got my stuff together. If we finish the week’s challenge by Friday (but we have until Sunday to complete it) we can become a tutor and help out our friends, we also get a python lolly! On another note my birthday is this month and I am turning 12 but its in a few weeks, I’m still super excited though! That’s all, Bye for now! Bianca!

July 16


Hi guys and girls, my holidays finish on Tuesday next week and I’m super excited to go back to school (although I will miss the holidays!). I’ve been very fortunate to have 3 weeks of holidays instead of 2 (unlike my brother, he got 2 weeks), so this is a recap of my holidays! On the first week of my holidays my brother still had a week of school left so it was quite peaceful, so I slept in to about 10:30 (I’m not kidding) then I ate and watched my iPad (I was tired ok). On Friday we also moved so I was checking out the house as well. In that week, I went to flip out (that’s a trampoline place) with my friend Holly (Her blog), In that same week I also went to watch a movie called a dogs purpose (its a really good movie! I recommend it) with Holly. The next week I went to an acting course called the people next door with my friend Tilly (Her Blog) for a whole week. I had to wake up at 7:30 (not an easy thing for me to do) and Tilly came at 8:00 and we left at 8:30 (I think). On Friday we performed, I was a big fat chicken person (even though I didn’t eat chicken in the whole play). Then on Sunday I went to see my new (and not so new) cousins, here’s a run through of my cousins new to old.

Beatrix (Trixie) 3 weeks

Nineveh (I think that’s how you spell it) 4 weeks

Darcie (He’s a boy not a girl) 1-year-old

Billie (She’s a girl) 3-years-old

Will 4-year-old (this is all from memory)

Amelia (we call her Emmie) 5-years-old

Those are my cousins. This is the bad bad of my holidays. Are you ready? I’m sick and so is my brother. One more thing this isn’t really holidays but its exciting, next week I’m auditioning for a play called Wonderfly! It’s about a bunch of children who wake up on their 13th birthday and have a gift from Wonderfly, a superhero who is not strong enough to face the villain and shares out this powers among 14 children. I’m super excited to audition next week. That’s it, so bye for now! Bianca!

June 22

End of Term 2!

Hi guys and girls. Today is the second last day of the second term, wow that’s a mouth-full isn’t it? Anyway that makes tomorrow the last day of the first semester. Tomorrow we’re going to the park to fly paper planes we made for home learning and watch a movie and then have a huge fair lunch thing run by the high school and then our family is moving, I’m not going to tell you where though! Tonight we have our last musical performance, gee time flies. That pretty much all I have to say so Bye for now! Bianca!

June 12

Passion Project Review

I had a great time these last 7 weeks doing my passion project. I loved presenting it to everyone although I would have more to talk about and maybe a a few instructions on how to do realistic drawings and maybe sell a few! I learnt a lot of things during this experience including how to add shadow, how to draw facial features. When we were getting set up there were so many good displays like Tilly’s ( who had two video’s running from her laptop and lots of pictures, I also liked Alice’s ( who had loads of beautiful photos that she took! Bye for now! Bianca!

June 7

Hands off your projects!

Well its over! We are getting set up in the classroom today, my set up is quite small as I only have a portfolio and a poster (see Below). The poster I made in class using adobe spark. I can’t believe it’s almost over it’s like it’s just began. I liked how my drawings turned out and I’ve done a few more over the past week. A few positives are I got to learn how to draw realistically and learn how to shade and use shadows correctly. A negative is I don’t really know how to manage my time well so I’m on the small side for images but I do have 10 which is enough! My favourite image is probably the lion I started with but I made small adjustments (By small I mean pretty big!). Last Night I drew my brother but he wouldn’t stay still so that wasn’t too good and it turned out a bit wonky! Tomorrow is the PPM (Passion Project Morning) and the parents and the classes are coming to see our years projects. They all look pretty good, a couple even need full body mannequins! This is been an amazing experience and I’m glad I could do it! Bye for now! Bianca!  


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June 1

We’re so close! I can taste it!

This is the final week of ‘doing’ for my passion project, I feel like I’ve doing really well. On Tues I had some willing volunteers let me draw them. I have two profiles (side views) and one face on the front  (pictures left). I might have at least 5 to show at the end which next week! I really don’t think I’m ready to show anything. I’m looking at things that other people have done and their’s is way better, better ideas, better focus. I’m ready for the end of term, totally. I think I’m doing really well though even for 5 drawings. On a different topic the musical is so close now, and I’m feeling the pressure we got our microphones yesterday and there around the face kinda ones and it turns out one of my best friends Holly ( is in the musical as well! She’s going to be a clown!! Also I’m so sorry this post is so late especially Trinity (! That’s all folks. Bye for now! Bianca!


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May 24

Oh we’re half way there!!

This week for the passion project I have been creating a lion piece (left). Each work will take roughly 3 hours to create which is a long time. This takes longer than what I usually do which is anime, in anime you draw, correct and colour which can take around 30 mins – 1 hour. This does not work well with my busy schedule (mon: coding, tues: homework, wed: Drama, thurs: musical rehearsal, fri: Xtream and by then I want a few days to chill) so it is hard to fit it all in. I might not have as many drawings as I may like in my portfolio. I’m sorry this post is a bit late (I really should have it on my wall). Also a few other things, Language Perfect world championships ends tomorrow and I have 233 points my friend Amelie ( has reached Elite which means she has over 1000 points. Good Job Amelie! As you might have read I am also doing a musical! The musical is suessial which is basically Horton hears a who with other characters. I’m Mr Mayor, he is the mayor of the who’s and lives on a dust speck called who. He has a son called JoJo and his wife is Mrs Mayor. The performance is in less than a month and I can say that the whole cast is extremely excited! Bye for now! Bianca

(Ps sorry this was a long post! 🙂 )

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